Come to Cosentino Winery today
Some great buys- but you will have to goto the winery to pickup

2007 Blockheadia Sauvignon Blanc ~ $60/case (formerly $192/case)

2007 THE Chardonnay ~ $60/case (formerly $192/case)

2007 THE Pinot ~ $60/case (formerly $336/case)

2007 THE Tannat ~ $84/case (formerly $300/case)

2007 THE Med ~ $84/case (formerly $216/case)

2007 THE Temp ~ $99/case (formerly $288/case)

2006 THE Cab ~ $99/case (formerly $264/case)

2004 Cosentino Nebbiolo ~ $90/case (formerly $360/case)

2004 Larry Byrd “Legends” Merlot ~ $120/case (formerly $360/case)

We are open from 10am-6pm.