Candlelight Inn Scones

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napa bed and breakfasts scones
Candlelight Inn Scones



Makes 12


3 C Flour

2 T sugar

1 ½  T baking powder

½ ts salt

1 cube ¼ lb of butter, cold & cut into small chunks


1 C cream or ½ & ½

2 eggs


Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter in mixer on low until crumbly

In separate bowl mix eggs and cream with fork then add to mixer.

Blend just until dry ingredients are moistened

Turn out onto floured board and very lightly kneed just to get it into a ball

Flatten ball out gently into ¾ inch circle.

Cut in half then in half again etc. until you have 12 scones


Bake at 350 on greased pan for 13-14 min or until tops are browning.

Let cool and then glaze if desired.


Candlelight Inn
Candlelight Inn