Drift Away in Napa Valley…


One of a Kind Art Exhibition…

Napa Valley is the perfect place to be when you want to get away from the stresses of urban life. Aside from the food and drinks, there are many grand events worth seeing! How would you like to awaken that artistic side of you at the “Miles Davis: The Art of Cool” exhibition? Come see the visual art work of the man that embodied cool.

The Art of Cool


Let your eyes feast on 35 pieces of art displayed at the Napa Valley Museum and the Lincoln Theater from June 8 – July 28. Imagine the effect of his music in his art! Be mesmerized you as you appreciate his oil paintings and sketches. Other items on display include: a 1989 Grammy Award, prized trumpets, and a Miles Davis Yamaha Amplifier.

Additional events scheduled as companions to the exhibit:

  • The instrument petting zoo – for children of all ages – is a place to learn, about different instruments and jazz, and create art. June 22 from 11am to 1pm.
  • On June 15 and July 20 at 11am a guided tour of the exhibition is included with your admission.
  • A Jazz Festival including a presentation from Bruce Hopewell, a showing of “Round Midnight” presented by Maxine Gordon, and jazz concert will take place July 25 – 27.


Come and experience great events in Napa Valley. This is the place of refuge for stressed souls. This June and July, experience the other art of Miles Davis while experiencing the magic of California’s premiere wine region and the Candlelight Inn.


Reservations: (800) 624-0395 Local: (707) 257-3717