Visit Wine Country for Tomatoes & Honey


When you think about Wine Country, you probably think about wine tasting, great food, spas, and boutique shopping. But did you know that the Napa Valley is now also the home of Wild Boar Farms, grower of tomatoes prized by the Bay Area’s finest restaurants?

With 10,000 Certified Organic tomato plants and 17 varieties of tomatoes – several created by owner Brad Gates – Wild Boar Farms is well on its way to meeting their goal “to create the most amazing tomato varieties there are.”

On Sundays August 11th and 18th, you can take the Wild Boar Farms Tomato Tour and learn what makes a great tomato! The tour, led by Brad Gates, includes the gardens, tomato trial sections – where Brad invents new tomatoes varieties, as well as just about every pepper and eggplant available in the Baker Creek Seed Catalog. The peppers and eggplants are for the upcoming National Heirloom Exposition. The tour also features a catered gourmet lunch, wine tasting, and a tomato tasting.

If you choose the Tomato Tour held on the 11th, why not arrive a day early for the monthly Beekeeping Tour at Bear Foot Honey Farm?

With over 300 varietals of raw honey in the United States alone, honey deserves its common comparison to wine. While the Honey Tasting Room is open year round, from March through October you can gain a true appreciation of honey and beekeeping with a tour of the Bear Foot Honey Farm apiary.

Tours occur on the second Saturday of the month – weather permitting – and include an introduction to the players of the hives, protective clothing, and your photo posted on Facebook (otherwise, who would believe you did it?). After the tour, relax in the tasting room and sample the over 15 varieties of raw and creamed honey.

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