Riding the Rails Napa Style



People know the Napa Valley for the world-class wineries, gourmet food, and amazing scenery. A trip on the historic Napa Valley Wine Train provides riders with a truly unique combination of the three.

The Wine Train offers lunch and dinner trips through the valley from Napa to St. Helena and back. The three hour journey starts with a welcome taste glass of wine, progresses into a multiple course meal, and concludes with relaxed and happy passengers. All while passing through the amazing scenery of Napa, Yountville, Oakville, Rutheford, and St. Helena.

As a family run venture, the Wine Train staff takes pride in their service, prepared to order gourmet meals, and the fully restored railcars.

Wine Train
Napa Valley Wine Train

The Wine Train only serves environmentally responsible foods such as: locally grown fruits and vegetables; humanely raised and hormone-free meats; and fresh line caught fish. Executive Chef, Kelly Macdonald, carefully designs the seasonal menus to maintain Napa’s reputation for excellence in dining. And, meals are all prepared to order in specially fabricated kitchens adjacent to each dining area.

Regular rail service includes three lunch and two dinner options – although your experience is anything but “regular.” Throughout the year the Wine Train offers special events: you can become a part of a murder mystery, take a moonlight escape, or participate in a vintner’s lunch or celebrity winemaker dinner. There are also events for selected holidays.

If you want to do more than just see some of Napa’s amazing wineries from a railcar, the Wine Train also offers several exclusive winery tours with the Lunch Train as well as the only evening tour in Napa Valley with the Saturday and Sunday Dinner Trains.

For couples spending a few days in the area, the Wine Train participates in several package deals. The Candlelight Inn is proud to partner with the Wine Train in one of these packages. Take a lunch or dinner train, then enjoy a night (or two) at Candlelight Inn, and take an “anti-wine snob wine tour” with Platypus Tours.

Playtpus Tour
Playtpus Tour

The Candlelight Inn Concierge will happily take your reservation.