3 Reasons for a Midweek Getaway to Napa Valley

Midweek Getaway Napa ValleyHave you ever had that feeling where you just want to escape in the middle of the week? Maybe now is the time to act on those urges.  Midweek is quiet time in Napa Valley. The streets are less crowded, lunch and dinner reservations at exquisite Napa Valley restaurants are much easier to find, and you will feel like you have this lovely historic town all to yourself.  Nowhere in the world can you find the proliferation and density of wineries than in this region of California, and there is no better time to escape to Napa than in the middle of the week, when the crowds have gone back to work. Grab someone special and slip away this spring for a romantic midweek getaway in Napa Valley.  Book your room at our romantic Bed and Breakfast today, and experience the best of Napa Valley this spring.

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A Charming Midweek Getaway in Napa Valley

Though we often think of the roads through Napa Valley as quiet, charming rural roads, there’s no doubt that highway 29 can seem like a busy rush-hour nightmare during peak travel times and weekends.  And of course if the roads are that busy, you can imagine the packed rooms often encountered at Napa Valley’s wineries and tasting rooms, making the tasting experience that much less special, intimate, and enjoyable.  Together, this congestion can ruin the true experience of Napa Valley, which gives us all the more reason to encourage a midweek getaway, especially for those nearby.  Instead of standing at a crowded bar waiting for your taste of a delicious Napa Valley wine, you’ll have the chance to experience wineries in a more intimate way, with seated tastings that can sometimes feel like fancy dinner parties, barrel tastings, wine blending and even food pairings.

Midweek getaway napa valleyAnother great way to spend a quiet day in Napa is to head into the hills for an invigorating morning hike followed by a picnic lunch at your favorite winery, and perhaps an afternoon tour of Napa Valley Wineries.  End your day with dinner at one of the spectacular Napa Valley Restaurants. Chances are you’ll be able to try some of the finer restaurants in the area, without having to plan long in advance for reservations.  This is your chance to savor time lingering over fine food, and watching the world go by with a glass of the world’s finest wine in your hand.  These great experiences and more will be waiting for you when you book your midweek getaway in Napa Valley this spring.