8 Awe-Inspiring Napa Valley Bike Tours

Napa Valley Bike Tours to Take This SummerThe beautiful Napa Valley — and the many Napa Valley bike tours — are largely and happily open for business as usual. Despite the unique challenges facing the world and the hospitality industry in particular in 2020, the latest updates show that there are plenty of great places to stay and great things to do, especially on two wheels. So take advantage—book one of the many Napa Valley bike tours available. And while you’re at it, book your room at our Napa Valley inn.

8 Awe-Inspiring Napa Valley Bike Tours

During these difficult times, one activity in the Napa Valley stands alone as an undeniably healthy positive: bicycle touring. And Napa Valley bike tours, given the region’s stunning scenic splendor, are among the best and safest getaway activities in the heart of Northern California’s premier wine region.

Napa Valley Bike Tours to Take This Summer

Let’s take a look at eight popular Napa Valley bike tours:

  1. Napa Valley Bike Tours, the company. Be it self-propelled or on an electric bike, single-day or multi-day, you can take a guided tour or rent a bicycle and go it on your own. There’s an affordable, delightful and memorable option for every inclination and schedule.
  2. The Napa Valley Vine Trail is a work-in-progress that currently offers 12.5 miles of safe, scenic Napa Valley bike touring, starting from downtown Napa — just a few blocks from the Candlelight Inn.
  3. The Clif Family Winery in St. Helena offers a variety of bike touring packages and scenic routes, beginning at the tasting room. All outings include wine and food pairings, along with the family’s famous Clif energy bars.
  4. Getaway Adventures offers the full spectrum of Napa Valley bike-tour packages. You can try a group tour, or have one designed to your desires. Separate adventures show off the splendor of Healdsburg, Sonoma, Calistoga and the Russian River Valley. Some tours include river kayaking and brewery visits.
  5. Pedal, Paddle & Pour offers a number of group or self-guided tour options that cover every part of Napa Valley wine country for bicyclists of every strength and skill level. You can choose your own adventure, or the staff will curate a tour to your specific tastes.
  6. Backroads offers a spectacular six-day bicycling tour, from Napa to Bodega Bay on the coast to Healdsburg, that offers a scenic survey of Napa Valley wine country.
  7. Cycle, Sip ‘n Smile in Calistoga. In the northern Napa Valley  this single-day tour takes you through three or four wineries over a leisurely 12 miles, complete with “country picnic” food and drink.
  8. If you didn’t bring your own bike, Calistoga Bikeshop can fill your need regardless of your speed (leg-powered vs. electric-powered). It’s also a perfect spot to start a self-guided tour with some on-the-ground guidance.

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