5 Reasons to Stay at Our Napa Bed and Breakfast in 2021

In these uniquely challenging times, the need to get away from it all remains as strong as ever. Luckily, Napa Valley remains as inviting a getaway destination as ever. So, too, does our Napa Bed and Breakfast! The Candlelight Inn’s warm, soothing blend of welcoming atmosphere and romantic ambiance positions us as an oasis of tranquility.Β  We’re committed to a guest experience that’s as safe as it is restful and memorable.

With Napa now reopened, it’s the perfect time to make your plans for a winter getaway. The weather is mild, the scenery as beautiful as ever, the crowds far fewer than what we expect throughout the remainder of the year, and the space to spread out and relax plentiful. Get started by booking your room at our Napa Bed and Breakfast today!

Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Our Napa Bed and Breakfast

We know how important it is for you to get away from the daily grind, especially at this time. We understand just how to help you get there, too! Romantic and restful getaways that leave life’s stressors behind is what our Napa Bed and Breakfast is all about, after all. There’s something about the simple act of just setting foot on our grounds and beholding its lush greenery and beautiful structures that instantly lowers the blood pressure. Don’t believe us? Take our virtual tour and see for yourself!

Our Napa Bed and Breakfast offers a soothing atmosphere and welcoming ambience.

While our grounds are beautiful and our rooms inviting, just beyond you’ll find the charming town of Napa, and beyond that the greater Napa Valley, which is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and is constantly finding creative ways to keep visitors happy. Yes, you can still go taste great wine, eat great food, and take in great natural beauty and historic architecture.

Here are our five favorite reasons to stay at our Napa Bed and Breakfast and see the best of what we have to offer:

  1. Relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Our Napa Bed and Breakfast backs up to the Napa Creek and its grounds boast all the colors of earth and vine: lush greenery and a grove of redwoods perfectly suited to lounging, along with an outdoor patio, gorgeous flower gardens, and a seasonally heated pool. Even in winter, outdoor temperatures often climb into the 60s, and you’ll want to spend a lot of time outside in a comfortable lounge chair in contemplation or concentration.
  2. Relaxing indoor atmosphere. In addition to our ten guest rooms and guest cottage, all of which feature soothing natural colors and luxuriant amenities, the common areas in our house have their own inviting charms. Not only do you get to start each day off right with a gourmet breakfast in our gorgeous dining room (or outside wherever you choose, or even in the privacy of your own guest room), but you get to relax after a day of exactly whatever you feel like doing in one of our comfortable chairs or sofas before a fireplace β€” wine optional but encouraged!
  3. Unparalleled packages and specials. We know you come to Napa to taste wine and tour wineries, and we’re here to help connect you with some of the most scintillating wine-sampling opportunities in the Napa Valley. There are more than 100 wineries within a 10-minute drive from our Napa Bed and Breakfast. Check out our full palette of packages here, and make sure to ask us about their current availability considering any restrictions.
  4. Great shopping and sipping nearby. While indoor seating may be limited, Napa bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms have gotten creative about making maximum use of their outdoor spaces to create safe opportunities to sit and sip. Here’s a recent list of Napa tasting rooms that have made the adjustment, as well as a list of great places to shop in Napa.
  5. Great opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Napa is not only great wine country, but great country, period. Its stunning rivers, lush acreage, and scenic, sprawling mountains lend themselves readily to all manner of outdoor activity. Here’s a list of the area’s best golf courses. And here’s a guide to some of the best bike-touring opportunities around. Hot-air balloon rides can be booked here.Β  And whether you’re looking to rent a kayak and tour on your own or join a guided group experience, we’ve got you covered.

Our relaxing outdoor space is the perfect place to sit back with a glass of wine.

Stay at Our Napa Bed and Breakfast This Winter!

We know there’s no better way to be welcomed into Napa Valley wine country than through our wine-themed Napa Bed and Breakfast, but don’t just take our word for it β€” check out the many great reviews we’ve received from our guests (along with better than 1,000 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor).

There’s no better time of year than winter to plan a needed getaway to relax and breathe in safety and comfort, no better place to do it than in Napa, and no better place in Napa than our Napa Bed and Breakfast. Begin your planning by booking your guest space with us β€” today!